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WJV01069 Carmine/Cream Autocoach W167

WJV01070 Maroon Autocoach W187W (SOLD OUT)

WJV01068 GWR Choc/Cream Autocoach 167 SOLD OUT
Autocoaches suitable for the GWR 0-4-2T 48xx/14xx

Individual autocoaches are priced at £195.00 each plus P&P

The GWR 48xx/14xx tank engine and autocoach has been the undoubted success of 2017 for WJVintage. The autofitted locos are produced in five different liveries to-date which match perfectly with these GWR Autocoaches. They can be purchased as matched sets or individually, although the sets have been particularly popular and stocks are sold out on some and quite low on others.

The fabulous Autocoach specification is as follows:

  • All metal construction
  • Hand painted lining
  • Detailed tampo printed livery (not decals)
  • Driver’s end bell
  • Detailed luggage end with window bars
  • Detailed interior seating
  • Internal lighting (2 x AAA batteries required)
  • Authentic Collett style bogies
  • Removeable roof to allow figures to be fitted (not supplied)

The autocoaches all include interior seating, removeable roof (to allow the addition of figures if desired) and battery powered LED interior lighting (batteries not included – 2 x AAA cells required).

Note: Autocoaches in sets have a different running number to the individual coaches so that an extra autocoach can be purchased and run authentically alongside another if required.

Product Numbers and descriptions
WJV01067 Great Western Choc/Cream Autocoach 178 – SOLD OUT (not pictured)
WJV01068 GWR Choc/Cream Autocoach 167 SOLD OUT
WJV01069 Carmine/Cream Autocoach W167
WJV01070 Maroon Autocoach W187W SOLD OUT

Please note: Autocoach running numbers for single coaches are as stated in the descriptions above. Photos show identical Autocoaches but with different running numbers

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Historical Information

The GWR Autocoach (or auto-trailer) is a type of coach that was used by the Great Western Railway for push-pull trains powered by a steam locomotive. The autocoach had a driving cab at one end, allowing the driver to control the train without needing to be located in the cab of the steam locomotive. This eliminated the need to run the engine round to the other end of the coach at the end of each journey.

Some earlier autocoaches were converted from steam rail motors, by the removal of the integral steam engine. The most familiar type of autocoach was introduced in 1928. The design proved very long-lived, with 163 examples being built to a similar design. The last coaches were built some years after nationalisation by British Railways in 1954.

When used on rural branch lines these coaches were normally paired with a GWR Class 517 or, after 1932, 48xx/14xx Class 0-4-2 tank locomotive. Some 0-6-0 Pannier Tank locos were also auto-fitted for use with Autocoaches.

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