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WJV01083 Bogie Bolster – GWR (SOLD OUT)

WJV01084 Bogie Bolster – LMS

WJV01085 Bogie Bolster – SR - SOLD OUT

WJV01086 Bogie Bolster – LNER

WJV01087 Bogie Bolster – British Railways (BR) (SOLD OUT)

WJV01088 Bogie Bolster – War Department (WD) SOLD OUT
Bogie Bolster Wagon

£79.00 each plus P&P

We have already sold out of 3 variants (GWR, SR and WD) and the others are selling fast so please get yours quickly to avoid disappointment

Evoking fond memories of the Hornby Dublo version of a bygone era, this superb wagon is newly tooled in tinplate for the modern, ready to run, traditional 0-gauge market.

The Bogie Bolster wagons feature wooden bolsters, with metal stakes that can be fitted either through the bolsters or into sockets along the side of the wagon according to the load.

We produced versions for GWR, SR, LMS, LNER, BR and a short run of War Department (WD) wagons. Both plate frame and diamond frame bogies are offered as appropriate.

Each livery limited to 40 pieces only (WD only 30) so these could become highly sought after in years to come.

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Specification for the Bogie Bolster Wagon

  • All-metal construction
  • All livery lettering will be high quality tampo-printing onto authentically painted tinplate bodies.
  • Fully insulated wheels, for 2 or 3 rail use
  • Standard drop-link style couplings fitted.
  • Suitable for 24-inch (610mm) radius curves.
  • Overall length of the bogie bolster wagon, buffer to buffer will be a little over 28cm (11 inches).

Product numbers and descriptions:

WJV01083 Bogie Bolster – GWR – SOLD OUT

WJV01084 Bogie Bolster – LMS

WJV01085 Bogie Bolster -SR – SOLD OUT

WJV01086 Bogie Bolster – LNER

WJV01087 Bogie Bolster – British Railways (BR) – SOLD OUT

WJV01088 Bogie Bolster – War Department (WD) – SOLD OUT

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