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DAN-233 Guy Flatbed with tailboard green red

DAN-236 Guy flatbed Red Green

DAN-237 Guy Flat Truck Yellow

DAN-270 Guy Van Brooke Bond Tea

DAN-271 Guy Van British Railways
Diecast Vehicles

DAN Toys

With more than a passing resemblance to Dinky Supertoys, these modern reproduction models are produced to the very highest quality, giving collectors the opportunity to own mint, vintage-looking toys for a fraction of the cost of an original. Even the Dan Toys boxes bear a striking resemblance to the original Dinky mid-1950s blue and white striped boxes.

All these Dan Toys models are produced at approx. 1:48th scale (US O Gauge) so they are a little under scale for the UK. However, in practice, I think they look just great and they really are produced as a top-quality item – just like the originals.

DAN-210 Guy Van – Slumberland – £31.99
DAN-233 Guy Flatbed with tailboard – Green/Red – £24.99
DAN-236 Guy Flatbed – Red/Green – £24.99
DAN-237 Guy Flatbed – Yellow – £24.99
DAN-241 Guy Flatbed – Dk Blue/Red – £24.99
DAN-244 Guy 4-Ton Lorry – Grey/Red – £24.99
DAN-265 Guy Van – Chiver’s Jellies – £31.99
DAN-268 Guy Van – Esso – £31.99
DAN-269 Guy Van – Oxo – £31.99
DAN-270 Guy Van – Brooke Bond Tea – £31.99
DAN-271 Guy Van – British Railways – £31.99
DTAUK -514 Guy Van – Lyon’s Swiss Rolls – £49.99

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