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WJV01025 GWR Passenger Railcar - Choc/cream

WJV01026 GWR Parcels Railcar - Choc/cream SOLD OUT

WJV01027 BR Passenger Railcar - Carmine/cream

WJV01028 BR Passenger Railcar - Green
GWR Railcar

Passenger Railcar – £450.00 each plus P&P*

WJVintage, in collaboration with Raylo, launched a stunning new coarse scale O Gauge GWR Diesel Railcar in 2014. The model, which was commissioned exclusively from ETS in Prague, represents one of the later batch of ‘Flying Bananas’ with the more angular, straighter lines. This batch of 20 Railcars were numbered 19 to 38 inclusive and included an Express Parcels Van(No. 34) which we produced as part of a production split across five different liveries – 3 passenger (GWR Chocolate/Cream; BR Carmine/Cream & BR Green) and 2 parcel (GWR Chocolate/Cream & BR Carmine). The parcel railcars have now unfortunately both sold out.

*NEW YEAR  2020 SPECIAL OFFER – BR Green Passenger Railcar reduced to £385 + p&p (offer expires 14th February 2020)

Total Production of all Railcar variants totals just 200 pieces for worldwide distribution and only very limited numbers are still in stock – please check availability when ordering.


  • (7mm to the foot) model
  • 12-14 volt DC operation
  • Switchable 2/3-rail operation
  • High Quality electric motors with permanent magnets
  • High flange wheels for coarse scale operation
  • Both bogies and all 8 wheels are driven
  • Smooth, reliable mechanism with clutch drive
  • Fitted with standard Bassett-Lowke/Ace style couplings
  • Front & rear lights auto switch to suit direction of travel
  • Detailed seating and interior lighting on passenger versions
  • Precision engineered, all-metal construction
  • Hand produced
  • Suitable for 2ft (60cm) curves
  • Not suitable for children under 14 years
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The Passenger Railcar, which features seating and interior lighting, as well as front and rear working lights that automatically switch as the direction of travel is changed, is priced at £450.00 plus postage and packaging.


The Parcels Railcar which features front and rear working lights that automatically switch as the direction of travel is changed, is priced at £430.00 plus postage and packaging.

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