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A4 LNER Battleship Grey

A4 LNER Silver Grey (SOLD OUT)

A4 LNER Apple Green - SOLD OUT

A4 NE Wartime Black - SOLD OUT

A4 BR Garter Blue

A4 BR Thompson Experimental Blue

A4 BR Express Blue (SOLD OUT)

A4 BR Brunswick Green Double Tender (SOLD OUT)
LNER A4 Class Pacific 4-6-2

£775.00 plus P&P 

A magnificent new model of one of the world’s best-known steam engines, the beautiful, streamlined LNER A4 Class Pacific 4-6-2. Featuring twin-motors and twin-clutch mechanism by ETS, coupled to an all-new and exquisitely detailed cast body by DJH, this magnificent release is 2/3 rail switchable and is a smooth and powerful runner as you would expect from Seven Mill Models.

The first batch of just 60 models, launched in 2017, sold extremely well and were followed by a further small batch of 58 locomotives, including some exciting new schemes not produced in the first run.

Please act quickly if there is a specific loco you would like as they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and I have already sold out of some.

This new range is slightly more expensive at £775.00 plus P&P (for the single tender). 

Specification for these highly acclaimed A4s

  • 2/3/Rail switchable
  • Powerful twin motors
  • Super smooth clutch drive
  • Cab detail with driver’s and fireman’s seat
  • Highly accurate, detailed body
  • Real coal in tender
  • Body colour Handrails
  • Screw type front coupling
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A4 Batch 2 Model List

£775.00 each plus P&P 

LNER (Battleship) works grey lined (With Valances)
Woodcock 4489

⃰(Exclusive Raylo/WJVintage Release)

LNER Silver/Grey (With Valences)  – SOLD OUT

LNER Apple Green lined with parabolic curves to the smokebox (With Valences)  – SOLD OUT

LNER Wartime Black (Without Valences) NE on the tender – SOLD OUT

Garter Blue – British Railways (Without Valences)
1 x Golden Fleece 60030
1 x Sir Ralph Wedgewood 60006
1 x Kingfisher 60024
1 x Merlin 60027

BR Thompson Experimental blue/purple with red and white lining
(Without Valences)

1 x Silver Fox 60017
1 x Sir Nigel Gresley 60007
4 x Merlin 60027
3 x Walter K. Wigham 60028
3 x Woodcock 60029
3 x Kingfisher 60024

BR Green lined, late emblem (Without Valences)- SOLD OUT



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