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BL99064 – BR early crest lined Black (gloss)

BL99064 – BR early crest lined Black (gloss)

BL99042 – SECR Wartime Grey (gloss)

BL99042 – SECR Wartime Grey (gloss)
Southern N Class Mogul

£525.00 plus P&P

I have available two superb Southern N Class Moguls from the very last batch that were produced before Hornby decided to cease further development of the brand.

These are as follows –

BL99064 – BR early crest lined Black (gloss), Number 56 of a limited edition of just 75 pieces OUT OF STOCK

BL99042 – SECR Wartime Grey (gloss), Number 23 of a limited edition of just 50 pieces produced OUT OF STOCK

These later Moguls are quite different to the earlier releases.

For one thing they were fitted with a completely re-designed mechanism which is smooth and quiet (anyone who has run one of the early versions will know that they sounded like a bag of nails!)

To differentiate these releases from the earlier versions a reversing lever was added to the right-hand side of the loco. This was never on the earlier ones.

Both are available in as new condition – with minimal running-in only and are both priced at £525.00 plus P&P.

They are available on a first come first served basis so please get in touch quickly for further information or to buy.

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